Future Jobs?

Decreased demand of Medical physicians

Trusted Brand like Apple, Google and Microsoft (in this order) are the companies that have the money to test such product and convince people to trust it. Apple Watch is already a sign of that

but this is going to take a decade as such product could also ruin their reputation so we will most likely see risky startups emerging in 2 to three years

Increased demand of psychiatrist

Even if doesn’t shoot up it can’t go down, emotional intelligence is more complicated than general intelligence

Porn and gaming are going to be huge

No matter how full filled our lives become the mechanism of competition rectifies the weak but the ratio of exploiters and survivors can be disproportionate

Is it possible that we will get bored of sex? could be, It is an unintelligent and vulnerable act but it is not going to fade away because of that but only when something could replace it, like it or not, gaming will be the new porn

Finding Magic.