Life Changing Mindsets

How to build better judgments?

The second method is, asking yourself what’s the uncomfortable choice, It provides a radical perspective

We often choose what’s comfortable and then we try to articulate rationals to support flawed choice, It is a very common habit but it’s not hard to change.

Sometimes we must make uncomfortable choices even if It doesn’t yield a better result than other options, there are many strong reasons why

  • Uncomfortable work makes you better
  • You will learn more
  • Find your weakness and improve
  • It will be easier for you to become disciplined
  • If you do the right thing, you don’t have to fear anyone, Instead people will fear you.

Stress is bad Fear is not.

Whenever I feel down or distracted, I ask myself what do I fear? It gets me hunting


Just keep a hand to your chest and say ‘I will figure it out’.

It won’t magically solve the problem but It will keep you in control, giving you a better state for solving that problem.

Personally, it has been a life changer because when we face problems, It ‘s easy to panic and creates more problems

The person with the coolest hairstyle once said `Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.`

You brain is not yours

While trying to leave an addiction withdrawal happens because brain knowns If It will simulate pain then we will automatically going to see our addiction as a solution

Once It understands It’s not gonna happen, Withdrawal stops

Don’t take shortcuts

The more successful you get the bigger problems you will face

Struggle never ends, You better start loving it

Solving every big problem requires struggle of a similar scale.

The Boring guy once said — ‘You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve’

How to Get rid of addiction?

Start your day with boring tasks. If you will start your day with fun tasks you won’t be able to do the necessary boring tasks

How does it work? If there are too many sources of dopamine you can’t do tasks that release less amount of dopamine but if there is no source of dopamine the same tasks become desirable

Sticking to a plan is more important than making one

Work is never wasted


Focus on one thing, Don’t get too selfish

Brain is like any other muscle, the more difficult work it does the easier it becomes

“The more you focus the easier it becomes to focus”

The reason why we face difficulty focusing is because we see ‘focus’ in terms of ignorance. ‘If I can ignore these things I can focus’ It never works

You can’t focus on something you don’t love, It becomes a lot easier If we are able to find ways to start loving the work we hate.


When you are sleeping don’t try to analyze, even important things it will mess up your sleep pattern as you are signaling your body to think when it is about to sleep and the next day you will feel tired

How to stay focused?

Teach yourself to be focused no matter how unimportant things you are doing, focus on your breathing, try to relax while doing chores

Find a clear phrase for your goal or what will happen when you succeed, whenever you feel unmotivated or distracted repeat that phrase and get back to work

Don’t multitask, it is anti-productive

How to stay motivated?

  • Find a partner who desires the same Goal. It establishes a ‘Why can’t I’ thinking, eliminating all excuses. It also provides a source of validation that you are doing good which is essential to develop regular involvement

Draw conclusion with focus before taking action

What to do when stuck?

Always ask yourself what is the most stupid thing I am doing

Keep notes

Secondly, writing is the best way of thinking

So, Keep notes even if you are not going to need it in written form or you feel extremely familiar with the experience

Apply your knowledge


  • If you respect time, time will respect you
  • Nothing happens overnight, Great things take time, seriously!


Finding Magic.