“Mr. Nobody” A masterpiece because it’s not a masterpiece

“Mr. Nobody” is something which can’t be absorbed. it’s like small mysteries drowning you inside yourself but slowly it starts to pain like a wound of existence. who are we? maybe just an aftermath of many big and small decisions we made, which you may regret on how uncomfortable it makes you but what’s enlighted is that, no matter how right they were, there’s always going to be something you don’t like.

Is life about solving problems or reaching somewhere? IT ASKS

From one montage to another it keeps hitting you with questions you don’t need answers to. that makes it a masterpiece because it’s not trying to be a masterpiece

The unanswered questions and uncontrollability of our life is what makes us right, makes us feel who we really are. our problems and vulnerability is the hidden beauty we all hate but that’s what keeps us going.