Major unemployment is coming to India

Marketing is a very emotional experience in India, because a lot is based on trust, I can pay for my purchase a month latter, without any credit card, just on trust. This is an advantage big malls can’t replicate but slowing adaptation of credit card is increasing all over the country which is diluting this advantage

Its All Changing.

In the past couple of years, there has been an influx of Malls and franchises. They are not cramped like most stores. They are well designed and hygienic which have become very important in 2020 but all of them lack that emotional connect and you can’t pay later without credit card.

Development is happening all over the country, their is nothing wrong with that but problem arises when we try to replicate the same mechanism of development.

Globalization introduces competition which accelerates speed of innovation & products get cheaper so customers win but this is not true in every sector. For example in grocery stores, there isn’t much room for innovation.

If such sectors aren’t regulated it would not lead in the favour of the country

Malls import a lot of fruits and vegetables which could have been bought from local farmers but the produce might not be so colorful and well-shaped

Franchises like ”Reliance fresh” don’t help local farmers or local vendor, they care most about the beauty of food than the health aspect

In India, vegetable vendors have repeatedly protested against the sale of vegetables in malls. Here’s an extract from the following article

Parvati bai who sells vegetables next to his stall says

“I would earn around Rs 100 profit per day from the sale of vegetables. Today, it has become difficult to earn even Rs 30–40 a day as our customers have moved away”

There are millions like Parvati bai. Traditional Indian retailers account for 12 million retail outlets all over India. Forty percent of them sell vegetable and groceries (according to IBEF, 2008)

Many governments have even banned imports of vegetables

On April 26 Nepal banned imports of vegetables from India, mainly due to Covid-19 risks but it opened a huge opportunity for local farmers

Look at this image.

Creator: Abhishek Hajela

This is the whole country is fed, They deserve some Infrastructure, We can look at how Chennai already implemented this.

In the city of Chennai. A Wholesale Market for Perishables was established with 3,194 shops (CMDA 2008). It is one of the largest markets in Asia for fruits, flowers, and vegetables with about 2,500 wholesale shops and involving 10,000 daily-wage laborers.


I know this all sounds a lot nationalistic but these people are out there in million, they are working harder than anybody, the guy who delivers us vegetables wakes up at 2 AM, caries more than 7 Kg on his head until night just to earn something around a dollar a day & that one dollar is being aggressively threatened but there is good news, we have time & hope, as we can….

Help them go online

If you are an engineer & u know any local business, help them go online

Creating Infrastructure for vendors.

They have already been hit very hard by Covid-19, they have many problems, at least let’s decrease that by one, get your words out there however you like through memes, tweets, short story, YouTube, your way

Creating a public cold storage system

This might sound a little strange but this can be most effective.

This way u can get better food, cheaper food, prices will fluctuate less and they can have some freedom.

Demand government for such system but…. they might not even have electricity they are so poor, but I was glad to find out many instances of solar power fridge being used around to preserve community like these.


Finding Magic.