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Finding Magic.

Every generation has complaints, some people adapt themselves and stop complaining but there are always some stubborn people who decline to adjust, they fix it often nearly destroying themselves.

We engineer to fix flaws of old generation not because they were wrong but because they created us with the expectations that we will improve their work, sometimes they might not like the change, they might think we are rebels but we are just following goodwill, this is why they created us.

I say “they” because my parents are not my only creator, I was born in a hospital, some doctors…

Install Git on your server

ssh into your VM, then install Git:

apt-get update
apt-get install git

Clone your private/public repo

#For public repogit clone For private repogit clone you can use ssh. here is a free guide:
then git clone the ssh link
if you get a permission denial execute the follow
ssh-add ~/.ssh/youRSAname

Remove old node and add new node

sudo apt-get purge --auto-remove nodejs npm
#install node through nvm it is easier to upgrade and downgrade nodesudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential
curl -o- | bash#install the latest versionnvm install node//upon installatin the new version…

NGNIX (pronounced Engine X) is a web server /reverse proxy/load balancer used by many high traffic applications because it can handle thousands of simultaneous requests with its event-driven architecture.

It is faster than Apache and openLightSpeed in most areas

How does it work?

It instances a worker process for each CPU core that run concurrently and handle requests is a non-blocking fashion

How to configure it?

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nginx

Next, we need to reconfigure our firewall software to allow access to Nginx, for this we use “Uncomplicated Firewall” (UFW)

We can list the applications configurations that ufw knows how to work with by…


sudo apt-get install nginx
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-certbot-nginx
you can also do the installation using snap as recommended by certbot

Setup Ngnix

Certbot can automatically configure SSL for Nginx, but it needs to be able to find the correct server block in your config. It does this by looking for a server_name directive that matches the domain you’re requesting a certificate for.

//Allow through Firewall, ufw stands for uncomplicated firewall
sudo ufw allow 'Nginx Full'
sudo certbot --server -d * --manual --preferred-challenges dns-01 certonlyDeploy a DNS TXT record provided by Let’s Encrypt certbot after running the…

Marketing is a very emotional experience in India, because a lot is based on trust, I can pay for my purchase a month latter, without any credit card, just on trust. This is an advantage big malls can’t replicate but slowing adaptation of credit card is increasing all over the country which is diluting this advantage

Its All Changing.

In the past couple of years, there has been an influx of Malls and franchises. They are not cramped like most stores. …

We debate about women IPL, women NBA but I don’t get why men and women can’t play together. Why different teams?

The most common flabbergasted response I get is “women are genetically weak”

I saw a brief clip of Bill Gates discussing overpopulation

It simply summarises into “If health facilities get better, life gets more stable so people get educated, so they decided to have fewer children so that they can get the highest facilities and care”

but in the comments, people are naively correlating vaccines with a decrease in population and labeling him evil and degenerate

TLDR: Indexing is just a way of grouping documents, dividing collections into groups to speed up performance


Indexes increase query performance as well as it is used for searches

The idea of indexing in MongoDB is similar to index of any book, They increase the speed of finding a page. The index in MongoDB increase the speed of finding documents

How do indexes work?

First, let’s understand how you declare index in MongoDB

collectionName.createIndex({field:value}) //for creating indexcollectionName.dropIndex({field:value}) //for removing index

Here field is the “fieldName” which will be indexed. “Value” could be -1 or 1 or “text”.

It defines the type of index…

It’s the Apple event, most of the murmuring expects smaller notch, dropped charging port or 5G support

Steve Jobs Theatre goes dark, background music is replaced, A natural, excited voice starts speaking

She is enthused but sounds a little unsure, you can tell she is a little nervous but it is attaching.

She is not talking about a product or any metric that represents Apple’s growth she is talking about the weather, Life, and feelings.

Few people are thinking Is Tim cook stepping down?

After 15 minutes of confusion and curiosity, she stops and says. oh! sorry I didn’t introduce…

If you are new to MongoDB you might have to faced difficulties with relations. Which is due to the reason, MongoDB is documented as non-relational database which is misleading, We will explore why in the article, by directly comparing SQL relational query with MongoDB substitute query

Disclaimer: MySQL is a superset of SQL so below discussion will apply to all super superset of SQL



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